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Getting dressed becomes way more fun and easier once you find your personal style but if you haven’t found a style that resonates with your authentic self, then this right here is for you. Here are 5 simple tips guaranteed to help you find and build your style.

Find fashion inspiration: We've all had that one person in real life, on social media, an influencer or celebrity that we would absolutely love to raid their wardrobe, right? Get inspired by their outfits and pin the styles that align most with you. Just so you know, you don’t have to stick to one style type, several styles, cuts, and silhouette could resonate with you which gives you lots of room to experiment and have fun as you put your outfit together.

Start with Basics: Having the right ‘basic’ is a major step in creating a functional and practical wardrobe as you create a personal style. It is the foundation for which your style can evolve especially for days when you're having trouble figuring out what to wear, ‘Basics’ always come in handy. If you're wondering what I mean by Basics, read on. These are simple, timeless, and functional wardrobe essentials that can be worn in multiple ways. A black or white blouse/T-shirt, a black dress, a tote bag, denim pant, black shoes, and a pair of sunglasses are foundational basics for every wardrobe. Regardless of trends or seasons, these staples are excellent purchases for your wardrobe.

Find statement items: We all have that one piece of fashion item that we are constantly drawn to. It could be printed scarfs, unconventional hats, colourful accessories, or boots. It is about finding a signature item you can rely on to spice up your look. Add some individuality and authenticity to your look as you transform your style from plain and boring to thoughtful fashion guru. Statement pieces can serve as add-ons to your everyday look, or you can work them to be the hero of your outfits by styling other items around them.

Have fun and experiment: Stay flexible. There are several ways to style an item. Look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and experiment on different ways you can pull off a look.

Also, use this an opportunity to edit your wardrobe, sort through clothes that no longer serve you and donate or recycle. Step outside your comfort zone, mix and match, play with colours and discover other possibilities to your style. This is meant to be a fun, enjoy the ride.

Step out in confidence: You aren’t wearing nothing if you forgot to put on some confidence. You can pull off the most unorthodox, random, and unusual look if you have the confidence in your bag. So, whatever your style may be, classy, sporty, eclectic, androgynous, or a spicy mixture, don’t forget to strap on some confidence and strut.

xx Tribe of Elzar.

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