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Updated: Feb 14

I know this sounds cliché but Red is no doubt the colour of love. In case, you don’t want to go with the crowd, there are other stimulating and romantic colours to wear this season of love. These colours are sure to a ignite a sultry spark.

Have you given Magenta Pink any thought? The ultra-femininity of this colour is strong enough to trigger romantic flames and if you are not much of a dress person, don’t fuss! this complementing "Rali Set" with beaded curve feature is sure to have you looking like a snack.

Soft Lavender is another colour palette to choose from. The delicate and incredibly mesmerizing nature of this palette will help rejuvenate any lost intimacy. Sensual like its flower, this colour ought to be at the top of your list of romantic hues. If you are still trying not to be overly cliché but want something close to Red, then a spicy Vermilion Red- Orange will do the trick. This exciting and vibrant colour is guaranteed to keep your partner’s gaze on you as you turn heads. Any of these colours either in a dress, matching "Rali Set" an accessory or a heel, will have your partner’s heart undoubtedly skip a beat with each step you take (*thump thump*).

Lastly, ease into the moment, show some pearly white and smile.

Scroll down to explore this season's most romantic items.

xx Tribe of Elzar.

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